Be the Best Supervisor You Can Be

You have probably heard the old saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” It’s not entirely clear who first said this, but the message is obvious: those steering the ship must think about the good of the many and not just their own well-being.

It sounds like the motto a general might have, but is also applicable to those in lesser forms of responsibility. For example, an office manager may enjoy a nice pay cheque and some high-quality benefits as part of their position. However, along with those perks come the harder aspects of the job: making tough decisions that can leave you caught between the wishes of the company owners and the desires of the employees.

Here are some tips on how you can navigate those tough times and be the best supervisor you can be.

Be the Boss You Would Like to Work For

We all remember bosses that created less-than-desirable work experiences. Remember those times and learn from them. All jobs are different, but some of the basic principles of management cross over. A primary one is setting a good example. Listen, be professional, be reasonable, and be receptive. Ideally, your workers will respond the same way.

Be Willing to Change Course

It can be very tempting to stick with the tried and true, but avoiding risks can also be a mistake. Rules help to keep things moving along efficiently, but don’t be afraid to bend them when the time and opportunity calls for it.

Be Willing to Admit You’re Wrong

Some supervisors believe they can only command respect if they are faultless and decisive. Too bad that there is no one alive who never makes a mistake; trying to pretend otherwise simply alienates others. When (not if) you make a mistake, own up to it. Once again, leadership by example will encourage other members of your team to follow suit.